The National Domestic Workers Alliance is a community of nannies, house cleaners, and care workers, connecting in person and online to make our work and lives better. Together, we're making our voices heard — winning rights and respect for domestic workers while also getting valuable member benefits together that none of us could get alone.
Our Vision

At NDWA, we are working toward a beautiful vision. We are working toward a day when our work–and all work–will be fully valued and respected.

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We want to make sure that children, the elderly and people with disabilities have the care and support that they need. We want to bring an end to racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, ableism, and any other attacks on our communities. We want an economy and democracy that will work for all. To win this vision, we must work together to build an alliance that is healthy and unified and that is able to project our collective power.

Our Work

We are making our vision a reality by coming together and building power.

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Domestic workers through NDWA have come together in New York, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois, Nevada, Seattle and Philadelphia to win new rights and protections for domestic workers. In 2015, our members won the right to minimum wage and overtime pay for home care workers across the country. In 2019, we introduced the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which would ensure rights and dignity for all domestic workers across the country and launched Alia, a tech platform built by domestic workers so we can get benefits like paid time off.

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with Others

Building a mass base of dues paying members who are able to take powerful action together and build a movement that's sustainable into the long-term. Learn more about membership and connection.

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Winning Laws
and Policies

Running national and local campaigns to win better protections for domestic and home care workers. Check out the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to see how you can be part.

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Being a Force
for Change

Telling our stories and changing how our work is seen and valued in popular culture. By telling our stories, we're shaping the future of our workforce, and building support for a more just democracy and economy- because our lives go beyond the workplace.

Our Values

As NDWA members, affiliates and supporters, we commit to upholding a set of shared values. These values guide the way we work together and with others in our communities. We value:

Shared strategy and vision.

We act in a coordinated way as an alliance. We align around a shared strategy and messaging and we are unified in the ways we talk about our work to external audiences.

Shared leadership.

We share our ideas, and listen respectfully to others. We support each other in taking on leadership roles, and we respect our organization’s leadership structures and the people in them.

Connection and care.

We work to understand one another’s challenges and dreams as our own. We treat ourselves and each other with care and respect.

Respect, dignity and honesty.

We encourage dialogue and loving critique to make our organization better through conversations, transparency and accountability. We work together with our shared vision and goals in mind. We’re not destructive of each other.

Centering the voices, vision and needs of the people most directly impacted by the intersections

of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and other forms of oppression. We seek solutions that will raise us all up, leaving no one behind.