Whatever your reason for joining, NDWA is a home for you! Here are some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NDWA membership.
What does it mean to be an NDWA member?

NDWA members pledge to uphold our shared values and pay dues to help power our work for justice and dignity. Members also get access to special benefits, receive news and updates, and take action together.

Who can be a member of NDWA?

All nannies, housecleaners and care workers for the elderly and people with disabilities can become NDWA members. If you are not a nanny, housecleaner or care worker, we invite you to become an NDWA supporter.

What does it cost to be a member of NDWA?

NDWA members pay dues of $5 per month. Membership dues entitle members to receive their NDWA Member Benefits Package. Members can also customize their membership by adding on optional benefits at an additional cost.

What are "NDWA Affiliates" and how do I join one?

NDWA has 63 affiliate organizations around the country. These affiliates are organizing and building the power of domestic workers, and they also provide services and support for domestic workers in cities across the country. They are all independent organizations that offer their own programming. Visit Connect With Others to see if there is an affiliate near you.

How do I sign up to be a member?

Signing up is easy! Use our secure, online form to join now.

If you have questions about how to sign up, how to make a payment or how to create an email account, we are here to help. Email us at membership@domesticworkers.org.

How do I pay membership dues?

You can choose to pay your dues every month at $5. To make your dues payments you must use this website. You can use a credit card, debit card or prepaid card. If you need help making your payment, you can email us at membership@domesticworkers.org.

I’m an NDWA member and I need to change my username or password. How can I do that?

Email membership@domesticworkers.org for support to change your username or password.

I’m an NDWA member and I have questions about my benefits.

Visit the Benefits FAQ in your Member Portal to find answers to your questions about benefits. If you can’t find the answers you need on this site, email us at membership@domesticworkers.org.

I have a question about my rights. Who can I talk to?

Visit Your Rights at Work for general information on your rights on the job and for a list of trusted legal resources around the country. NDWA does not provide direct legal support, but we encourage you to reach out to one of the providers on our list if you need legal support.

For questions about your rights as an immigrant, visit Your Immigration Rights or visit our online immigrant resource site.

What if I forget my username and/or password?

If you know your username or email address you signed up with, click here to have a reset link sent to your email.

If you still have trouble logging in, you can email membership@domesticworkers.org and we will send you a message with instructions to reset your username and/or password.

When does my membership expire?

If you choose to pay your dues monthly ($5 per month) your monthly payments will continue to be charged to your account, as long as the card information you provided remains valid.

If the card information you provided is no longer valid, we will notify you and ask that you enter a new card. If you fail to do so your membership will be cancelled.

If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so in your membership portal.

How do I access my dental, vision or prescription benefits?

If you are an NDWA member, all of your benefits are available in your Membership Portal.

You can access your discounts and benefits by clicking to the relevant sections and following the instructions on the page.

I need to update my contact or credit card details.

If you’d like to update your credit card details, you can do so in your Membership Portal.

Do I need to complete a physical or provide any record of my medical history to enroll in life insurance?

No, all NDWA members are signed up to our group life insurance policy through Amalgamated Insurance. To enroll, you simply need to sign up for membership and provide information about your beneficiary.

Can I change the beneficiary of my life insurance?

Yes, you can change your life insurance beneficiary at any time. Just login to your Membership Portal to do so.

Can I get a membership card?

We are in the process of updating our membership card. Meanwhile, you can still access all your NDWA membership benefits in your Membership Portal.

I’m having trouble with the site.

If you’re having issues with the site or accessing your benefits, please refresh the page. If you’re still having problems, please send us a screenshot and email membership@domesticworkers.org.

I need to speak to an immigration lawyer.

NDWA and our partners created a website that can direct you to free or low-cost legal help for immigrants. Just go here to find a immigration lawyer near you: https://www.womenstepforward.org/find-legal-help/

I didn’t get a life insurance card. Do I have life insurance?

Yes, if you are an NDWA member, life insurance is offered to NDWA members by Amalgamated Life. The policy is a term life policy valued at $5,000. The life insurance benefit is an example of our strength in numbers! NDWA is able to provide this benefit exclusively to our members as part of our standard benefits package because it is a group policy, rather than an individual one, and the cost is partially covered by NDWA member dues. This is why you didn’t receive a life insurance card. If you need more information about your life insurance coverage, please login to your Membership Portal.

What theme parks or entertainment deals can I enjoy?

As an NDWA member, you and your family can enjoy savings and discounts on the cost of movie tickets and rentals, theme parks, theaters, and sports like Major League Baseball. To access this benefit, login to your Membership Portal.